From the legal basis to the inspection plate

Checkliste für die Regalprüfung durch die EKD Montage & Service.


Obligation to Inspect Shelves

Companies are legally obliged to inspect shelves for safety reasons to prevent accidents and significant repair costs. Shelves are work equipments which are based on Industrial Safety and Health Regulations and which need to be checked by a competent person. (§10 BetrSichV: "Tests of the work equipment")


Visual inspection according to DIN EN 15635

According to DIN EN 15635 we offer our clients inspections of storage equipment ("Application and maintenance of storage equipment"). The standard differentiates among two tests: "Periodic testing by a competent person" (specialist inspection by a competent person every twelve months at least) and "Internal tests by a competent person".



The deficiencies noted through visual inspection are divided into categories of loss. Our shelf inspectors record all shortcomings in an inspection journal that is handed out to you. We will then suggest arrangements for corrective measures as well as recommendations for future action and prevention.


Objective evaluation of repair costs

Based on the inspection journal we would be pleased to make you an individual repair offer. Due to the mass of yearly repairs, we can offer a price you can afford. Our motto is "everything from a single source".


Professional repair

Our experienced staff repairs while the plant is in operation. We provide full services - from clearing out the shelves, replacing defective parts and even restoring the profitability. We are able to order and install safety devices at short notice.


Inspection plate

After ensuring that your shelf systems are in compliance with legal regulations, we tag an official inspection plate. These plates serve as information sources for your employees, furthermore we will calculate for you the loads of your shelf systems.

Regalprüfung nach DIN EN 15635.

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