BGR 234, DIN EN 15635 and BetrSichV §10

To ensure the safety of the storage system it is important to consider some aspects. The control happens through the German rules of the BGR 234. The obligation of regularly controls regulates the §10 of the German BetrSichV. As well as the procedure and the extent of the inspection of the shelves is regulated by the European rule DIN EN 15635. The EKD Montage & Service GmbH cares about the safety of shelf systems.

30 years of safety for shelf constructions: The BGR 234

The confraternal rules for safety and healthiness at the work place (German: BGR) cares especially with the rule 234 for safety about storage facilities and storage equipment. Based in BGR 234 following issues need to be ensured:

  • Stability
  • Resilience
  • Protection of dropping out and falling off things in stock
  • Sufficient space for paths between the storage facility

To satisfy the safety rules the EKD Montage & Service GmbH calculates the ultimate load of the shelf constructions and warrants the safety of the storage facility by controls and overhauls. If every aspect is fulfilled, the storage system gets official inspection plates.

Routinely shelf scrutiny by DIN EN 156353

The practice and maintenance for storage facilities is regulated by the standard of the DIN EN 15635 (English: BS EN 15635). These contain all stationary shelf systems out of steel. Two control procedures are possible within the DIN EN 15635. On the one hand it’s achievable that the shelf inspection is being made by an expert person within an interval of 12 months. On the other hand it’s possible that a learned intern person controls the shelf construction.

The rule DIN EN 15635 determines guidelines for operational issues concerning the safety of shelf systems. Due to this rule risks can be minimized that occur across work processes or construction damage. The rules for using operating supplies determined by the BetrSichV, take precedence over the DIN EN 15635.

This is how a check list for shelf controls according to DIN EN 15635 could look like:

  • The inspection according to DIN EN 15635 takes place routinely (every 12 months) and is being made by an expert person
  • Damages are going to be reported immediately to a safety advisor and need to be recorded in a record for damages
  • The inspection needs to be reported in a written account and has to be stored
  • If damages are recurrent a tracing of causes needs to be performed

European standards for shelf safety

Other rules concerning shelf safety that needs to be satisfied are the BS EN 15512 (principles for structural design for adjustable pallet racking systems), BS EN 15620 (tolerances, deformations and clearances for adjustable pallet racking.), BS EN 528 (safety requirements for rail dependent storage and retrieval equipment) and BS EN 15095 (safety requirements for power-operated mobile racking and shelving, carousels and storage lifts).

European standards for shelf safety

The control of the working appliances is defined by the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (German: BetrSichV) §10. Employers, to whom shelf control is necessary, are indentured to inspect their shelf constructions routinely. Before first commissioning of the shelves these need to be controlled by an expert person to their safety.

Even after alteration of the shelves or after an extraordinary occurrence, for example an accident or a natural event, the shelf systems need to be controlled to safety again. The observance of a safe company is first priority of the §10 BetrSichV.

Regalprüfung nach DIN EN 15635.

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