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Regaleinrichtungen unterliegen der Betriebs­sicherheits­verordnung, sind monatlich einer Sichtprüfung zu unterziehen und im Intervall von 12 Monaten durch fachkundiges Personal zu prüfen. Während die Sichtprüfung vom Unternehmen selbst vorgenommen werden kann, darf die 12-monatige Regalprüfung nur durch zertifizierte Regalinspekteure, gemäß Sachkundenachweis DIN EN 15635, BetrSichV § 10, BGR 234, durchgeführt werden.

How often racking systems must be subjected to an examination?

Shelf devices are subject to industrial safety regulations and are to undergo weekly according to DIN EN 15 635 and a visual inspection to check by qualified personnel at an interval of 12 months. During the examination of the company can be made even, but the 12-month examination by certified shelf inspectors, according to certificate of competence EN 15635, German BetrSichV § 10 and German BGR 234.

Our shelf inspectors check for all requiring inspection shelves:

Inspection Services - our services at a glance

Our specially trained shelf inspectors perform the shelf inspection even during operation. Overview Proven defects are divided by our shelf auditors in damage classes and held in the inspection log. Based on this, we will show you ways to remedy the defect and avoid hazards.

Regal inspection Proper documentation costing repair

Visual inspection is in accordance with DIN EN 15635 for damage expulsion and components. Controls even in the upper area, inspection of pillars, beams and stand damage analysis and assessment of the safety in use transparent estimate clearing the shelves and replacement of defective parts.

Notes for prevention of damage to attachment of Inspection and calculation of loads creating an affordable range restoring sale or production capability.

Professional risk assessment of your racking systems

With more than 13 years’ experience, we create a professional risk assessment for you. This is the basis of any occupational safety measures on the farm. In connection with the shelf inspection, we create a risk assessment for installed rack systems. Here we have a go on:

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Regalprüfung nach DIN EN 15635.

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FAQ's for shelf inspection

Certified racking inspectors are responsible for inspecting racking in accordance with DIN EN 15635. These inspectors must have completed special training and have undergone regular further training. In addition, they are expected to have extensive experience in testing racks.

A specially trained employee carefully inspects each rack on a weekly basis and prepares a record of the inspection. In addition, the racking system is inspected by an expert once a year.

It is checked whether the rack is assembled according to the assembly instructions and perfectly aligned, whether parts and the structure itself are hinged, whether impacts and overloads have caused any impairment, whether the loads are evenly distributed and the maximum permissible load is not exceeded, whether the fuses against lifting or starting are intact, whether the maximum load markings and safety instructions are up to date and whether the load units ensure stable unloading.

During the visual inspection, there may be damage or defects that need to be classified:

Hazard Level Green: Damage is so minor that monitoring is sufficient, but marking must take place.

Hazard level Orange: Potentially dangerous damage is evident here. If the rack is unloaded, the damage must be repaired before it is put back into service.

Hazard Level Red: The classification indicates very severe damage. In this situation, immediate unloading and locking of the rack is required until the damage is repaired or the rack is replaced. The work must be documented and proof of stability must be provided in writing in the event of a rack repair.